Yellow Mask

Yellow Mask – Уилки Коллинз

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The YellowMask, a gothic romance filled with mystery and suspense,will hold you riveted from beginning to end.A scheming priest, FatherRocco of Pisa, decides the inheritance and great wealth of Count Fabio d'Ascoliwas stolen from the church many generations ago and aims to steal it back. Inorder to do so, the priest manipulates Fabio's true love, the sweet modelNanina, to leave Pisa. Father Rocco then engineers a wedding between Fabio andhis easily manipulated niece, the beautiful Maddelena. Poor Maddalena dies thenext year in childbirth, and the priest is forced to alter his plan. He triesto drive Fabio mad by having a female henchman don a Yellow Mask and pretend tobe the ghost of Maddalena. Fabio's only hope is his beloved Nanina. Can shesave him?

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