Little Gilyana Escapes to Lake Pink

Nastasya Tsultsumova
Little Gilyana Escapes to Lake Pink

A New Friend

There is a little girl living in a small beautiful town called Elista. Her name is Gilyana. Gilyana is a cheerful 8-year old who loves to explore the world, learn new things, and make friends. Gilyana is studying in 2nd grade and loves her school.

One day Gilyana forgot her pencil case at home. “Why am I so absent-minded lately? Aghhh!” She realized that she does not have utensils on her and needs to borrow them from somebody. During a recess, she came up to a little boy from another grade and said:

“Excuse me, do you, by any chance, have a spare pen?”

The boy said: “Yes, here you go. You can keep it”.

Gilyana said: “Thank you so much! You literally saved me. I have a Math test today, and I really needed a pen.”

The boy said: “Good luck on your test!”

Gilyana: “Thank you! By the way, what is your name?”

The boy: “My name is Naran. And what is your name?”

Gilyana: “My name is Gilyana. I am a 2nd grade student.”

Naran says: “I study in 3rd grade in classroom #34.”

Gilyana: “Classroom #34 is so big. How many students are in 3rd grade?”

Naran: “We have 30 students in our class”.

Gilyana: “Wow! It is a big class. We have only 18 students.”

Naran: “Maybe you will get more new students next year. We got four new people this year. The teacher had to add a desk in the back of the classroom, because we did not have enough seats.”

Gilyana: “It would be exciting to have new classmates next year.”

Naran: “Yes, the bigger the class, the more friends you have.”

Gilyana: “That's true. Well, thanks again for the pen.”

Naran: “Anytime.”


Today, April 22, is going to be a very fun day for Gilyana! She bumped into her new friend Naran in the morning, and he invited her to his birthday party this afternoon. How exciting! Gilyana cannot sit still through her classes today, she is anticipating the big celebrations and is thinking of going shopping for a present after school. Naran is turning 10 years old today.