Business Series. Full

Lewis Foreman
Business Series. Full


This book will help you remember a lot of necessary and useful words and combinations that you are going to use in casual situations and small talks while looking for a job, working at the office or dealing with other business issues.

The following episodes are combined in order to provide you an opportunity of memorising some words and phrases just reading stories of different people about their working experience.

Enjoy and learn!


Looking for a job

Arranging an interview


Getting acquainted

The first deal



New project

Performance review

New partner

Episode ONE

Looking for a job

Amandah is searching for a job. She graduated from a university three months ago. And now she is looking forward to working somewhere nice.

She has placed her CV on the Internet. At the moment she is surfing for some offers on the specialized sites devoted to jobs. Amandah wants to have a full-time job and earn a lot of money. She thinks of making a career and taking a senior position in future.

She feels confident and excited. She will definitely get a job!

Episode TWO

Arranging an interview

This morning Amandah got a call from a company that had noticed her resume.

Amandah talked to an HR manager. She answered some questions and they agreed to have a meeting next week. They made an appointment on Tuesday. Amandah will have to arrive at 9am.

The office is located not far from her home. Amandah wrote down all necessary information.

She would like to work at this company and hopes to pass the interview.

Episode THREE


It is Amanda's interview today. She is a little bit nervous. She's got everything ready in advance. Amandah is riding on a bus.

The office of the company is located on the tenth floor of a large business centre. Amandah comes to a reception desk. The receptionist takes her to a meeting room.

The interview starts on time. The interviewer asks a lot of questions. They are about her education, experience, skills and personal activities. Amandah does her best.

Episode FOUR

Getting acquainted

Amandah has got the job.

Today is her first working day. She feels happy. She has a meeting with her new boss. He is going to introduce her with other employees. Amandah is going to work at a sales department.

There are thirty people there. The supervisor introduces her to other workmates. Amandah is greeted warmly.

She is at her working place now. She is really excited. She is going to forward a letter to her new colleagues.

She will text some greeting words. She likes it here.

Episode FIVE

The first deal

Amandah has finally settled in. She is feeling her feet now. She faces different situations daily.

Today she is in for a deal. It's her first one at this company. Amandah has taken an order from a new customer. She has answered all his questions.

The client places an order. Amandah is writing down all the details. She is all ears.

She would like to do her best. The deal isn't going to be very hard.

Amandah prepares an invoice and forwards it to the customer.

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