Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Visiting the Sea. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Watermelon and grapes in a vase

It's time to enjoy a juicy watermelon. We bought it in the market that has a spectacular view of the wide sandy bay. Cold brut enhanced our impressions of this place – the watermelon seemed to us not just a gastronomic delight but also a symbol of lucky day.

I'm painting. I want to depict this watermelon – in appetizing way. I am adding my author ceramics with grapes – a new character in still- life. There are many colors in my palette: red cadmium, transparent pink, carmine, ultramarine, cobalt, azure, violet, yellow cadmium, gray, carbon black, umber. I am forming the composition with luscious brush strokes – such a pleasure!

Watermelon and grapes in a vase. 2019. Canvas, oil. 80x100 cm

Author ceramics. 2019

Watermelon and grapes in a vase. 2019. Fragment

Poem about the sea

After champagne and fruit it's time to read a book. The terrace is in the shade now. «Name of the Rose» – my favorite book is worth rereading, especially when I feel relaxed.

I am falling asleep after ten pages. In a dream I see the ship – a frequent plot – it docks and leaves. The sea obeys my somnolence exposing subconscious mind. We are alike – tranquility rarely catches up to us however now it's an exceptional case.

Poem about the sea. 2016. Paper, tempera. 29,7x21 cm

A pomegranate for the Last Supper

In my dreams I often meet kind strangers who mark something good. Once we had a conversation at the magic table covered with pomegranate patterned cloth. The gestures of wise heroes tried to convey something to me. I recognized this event – the Last Supper at its culmination! The awareness penetrated my body and I woke up…

The white canvas is opposite the bed and it already knows what would be depicted on it. I am painting but my thoughts flew away into the Universe. Pomegranates, like planets, interact with each other in a particular way on the boundless canvas surface. The pattern builds the connection between all the elements sinking us into yellow, emerald, red and blue shades. The only question now is – what is my role in this action.

With «The Last Supper» on the background

A pomegranate for the Last Supper. 2019. Canvas, oil. 100x120 cm

While an angel's asleep

«Sleep, sleep, sleep», – a little angel was telling slowly to his mother and patting her on the head. But tonight he was the first to fall asleep putting his halo besides.

A yellow lily protects the little boy. By its tendrils it watches the silence and with its petals – covers from a bright light. I want to infinitely observe this scene inspired by God.

While an angel's asleep. 2016. Paper, tempera. 21x29,7 cm

The Crucifixion

I hope the sleeping angel never knows about cruelty and jealousy which lead to tragedy. And if he knows he will never experience them. Do we need to see a dark side of life so the light would seem brighter?

It's been a long journey to find this painting inspired by Matera – an ancient town in the south of Italy. Good guys who I rented the room from helped me to see the fresco hidden from prying eyes.

The hills of Matera are all penetrated by caves and grottos but you cannot have access to all of them. I found an entrance while walking around the forbidden territory and examining hidden frescos, when I ran into the wall – The Crucifixion unfolded in front of me in all its tragedy. Goosebumps. It seemed I became witness to the crime.

The wind bringing the cries of suffering broke the silence – but over time they lost their power and turned into weak noise.


Secret meeting. The Crucifixion. 2018. Canvas, oil. 90x70 cm

Turquoise Madonna

At the moment I'm writing the book in front of the painting «Turquoise Madonna». For me it is like an icon for Christians which gives faith. Opposite me there is the «Holy Family» described in the book «Russian fairy tales». They possess colossal energy altogether. When there is chaos around me and I need support – I always could find it in art.

So Matera gifted me the «Turquoise Madonna» when I took the train and left the town. When I saw a hilly landscape through the window I imagined a strong girl in a long headscarf – she kept secrets of those places. My imagination created the composition but I managed to paint it on canvas only after a month in my studio.

It's meaningless to mention the powerful influence of paintings – you must watch them in person. I hope everyone of you can make it. Look into Madonna's eyes – and She, perhaps, will pay attention to you.

Turquoise Madonna. 2018. Canvas, oil. 100x70 cm

Turquoise Madonna. 2018. Fragment