Russian fairy tales. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Russian fairy tales. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

A Parisian in the village

Sophie Dubois, the French artist made a decision to visit her Russian friend Marfa. Her road has been long but she did not feel sorry about spent time for the sake of friendship.

Interesting, she was eager to see Russia, more accurately, Russian hinterland: stories about hospitality of the local people, about their traditions, colorful fashion and wide open space attracted her soul.

And there she is. Local children are looking friendly at their guest while men are playing an accordion.

Marfa is examining Sophie's wide-brimmed hat, such a novelty amongst the local fashionistas! Perhaps, after this trend of all French spread through Russia.

A Parisian in the village. 2020. Canvas, oil. 90x80 cm


Main Russian fashionistas are matryoshkas!

And here is the collection of them: six beauties great and small. The First one holds a rooster; the Second one has missed someone and looks away; the Third one looks at us in surprise holding close the wheat sheaf and the sickle; the Fourth Matryoshka has a cup in her hands and obviously loves tea; the Fifth one is very tiny and holds baby doll; the Sixth Matryoshka is in someone's hand and smiling surprisingly – she doesn't want to miss her hen!

Matryoshkas love to pose for their audience – it's more fun, and what a background – pure embellishment!

Matryoshkas (Six dolls). 2019. Canvas, oil. 90x80 cm

Holy Family

Posing in a photo studio is a kind of occasion and in those days it was also very expensive.

But this modest family decided to take a memorable photograph after all – they had a baby, very long-awaited! They did not own any finest clothes, they spent money on a photographer.

So, they were given the instruction – to look into the camera and not to blink. A young man proudly keeps his back straight hugging his beloved wife. The baby is so secure, his Mother and Father delicately protect him – he even managed to fall asleep in such a rush.

The snapshot is taken but what a miracle – the baby in the photo has a yellow halo, the color of the sun and God highlighted him for a reason. The parents were so happy, the miracle happened to them the second time!

This painting was created likewise: the characters developed their personality on canvas miraculously. I wanted to look at them like at the stars in the endlessness of space…

The Christmas photograph (Holy Family). 2012. Canvas, oil. 95x80 cm