Russian fairy tales. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Russian fairy tales. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov


We are followed by angels everywhere. Perhaps they have their homes on Earth or maybe they create them in our imagination?

On Easter people sanctify viands in church. On this holiday everything seems nicer, so angels rejoice: they dance, sing and light candles. Miracle! Perhaps that's how their home look.

Have you ever visited them?

Easter. 2010. Canvas, oil. 70x50 cm

A bench

Warm May night. Light and warm wind is spreading the smell of lilac.

You just want to find yourself in this painting and touch fragrant petals: they seem so magical under the moonlight.

But there are our heroes here: the young couple is sitting on the bench near the mighty spruce. Their conversation is interrupted – the child is awake and his nanny is not capable to keep his calm. What comes next…

If Debussy lived here he would surely compose his Moonlight Sonata. His music was born at this manor.

A bench. 2011. Canvas, oil. 90x75 cm

Abramtsevo. From the artist's archive. 2009

It is Pentecost today!

When I woke up in the morning and stretched on the ledge of the stove, I pulled the curtain aside and saw a glorious scene: angels enjoyed Pentecost day. They made such loops in the air so I could feel light wind coming from them.

Being noticed by me they became quiet and put on a look of decency as guests should look. It was so wonderful so I wanted to hug each of them.

I thanked them for decorating my Grandmother's house with birches: it was tradition in Russia on this Holy day. Even cat Boniface liked such decor so he fell asleep on the organic rug.

It is Pentecost today! 2011. Canvas, oil. 60x70 cm

It's time to welcome guests!

Do not think that angels would come to your house so easy. You should invite them!

The table is set just for this occasion. We can see guests in the window – they seem to be in good spirits.

Grandfather rushed to meet them and arranged the stools. Grandmother decorated the table – red cloth and a little oak in the pot will please travelers.

I am at my easel again and hope I paint this magical meeting in time.

It's time to welcome guests! 2012. Canvas, oil. 80x80 cm