Russian fairy tales. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Russian fairy tales. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Snowballs with an angel

Very often angels visit creative people at their houses. They not only protect them but also share some earthly delights.

Some of these angels love to play with four-legged friends. Yes, Pablo and Dali are loved by their owners and God messengers.

The soul imprisoned in these lovely, funny and delicate bodies needs attention: to play, to save from dangerous tricks, to protect from ticks or to calm when they fight. The life with them seems like a fairy tale. And we are its witnesses!

Snowballs with an angel. 2019. Paper, tempera. 70x50 cm


Late at night time a bright light coming from the angels illuminated the room. It humbly snuggled at the window and was afraid to wake up a soundly sleeping girl.

She covered herself with a blanket that grandmother made from the bright tissue flaps and rested her head on white pillows.

Her room interior was very delicate and simple: there were a green dressing table with the mirror, perfume and hairbrush in one corner and a jar with pure water in another corner.

We don't know why the angel came but we know exactly that the girl had a baby eventually.

Annunciation. 2011. Canvas, oil. 80x90 cm

Palm Sunday

Early in the morning me and my Father are building the window of his souvenir shop. I am putting willow bunches into the foreground – they are main here today.

Bright happiness on shelves: big roaster, Russian beauties figures, boxes, icons, painted dishes, even bread and bagels – just in case.

Oh here are my helpers – several angels create a magic atmosphere.

Uh! I hope everything is sold out today!

Willow shop. 2011. Canvas, oil. 70x50 cm

Madonna with the crucifixion

One girl chose strange toys: two figures look as if they pray before a Man on the Cross. And why is she so interested in them? Where is happiness here?

I realized that she did not play but she thought about her future. Even the flower blossomed with yellow petals – maybe it gave her a hint?

And what red dress with floral pattern she is wearing. Nothing to fear in such apparel!

Madonna with the crucifixion. 2012. Canvas, oil. 92x80 cm