Russian fairy tales. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov

Константин Прусов
Russian fairy tales. Journey with the artist Konstantin Prusov


Once upon a time the stars pointed to the Christ birth. Jesus was christened in Jordan river – the spiritual birth sacrament marked his further path.

I couldn't come up with the composition on this subject for a long time but one episode helped me. I watched water flowing down the sink. At that time I used to wear a cross and I took it off before washing my face. And at that moment the idea of composition sparked in my imagination. The sink turned into the Universe, the mirror gained the features from the distant past, a simple white towel got brighten up with patterns, ceramic tiles disappeared – wood texture defeated soulless high-tech.

Real magic!

Epyphany. 2012. Canvas, oil. 100x80 cm

Best friends

A miracle happened when I gained a loyal friend – snow white Pablo. The miracle repeated again when we sheltered a waxwing Styopa which became a character of several paintings.

Styopa forgot how to fly and during two months we helped him to remember how to do it: Pablo helped his own daring way, as for me, I simply let the bird live in the wild and arranged for him a special place.

We woke up at his long and sweet birdsong. The morning seemed paradise like a whole day.

I think Pablo were surprised that his new friend had been so well-behaved and neat. For instance he skillfully posed for this painting. That moment I was so impressed by Pablo's look, he gazed at Styopa and then looked back at me inquiringly.

In a few days after when I finished this painting I had a feeling that Styopa needed to fly – his soul called for it. I don't know how but I perceived that.

With Pablo we went to walk our guest outside. I wanted to prepare a bag of berries for him – emotions made my blood flow faster through my veins. Styopa looked at us for a few seconds and flew away…

I spent that day thinking of him. I relieved this in my own way, and Pablo constantly kept looking back at empty window sill.

A miracle happened at night. I had a magic dream. Styopa flew close to the window exploring attentively what was happening inside my room. I opened the window sash and in front of my house I saw a mighty green tree with Styopa's family nest.

Styopa, Pablo and me at the painting «Best friends». 2020

Best friends. 2020. Canvas, oil. 80x80 cm