Yellow Fairy Book: How to Tell a True Princess

Yellow Fairy Book: How to Tell a True Princess – Ганс Христиан Андерсен

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From 1889 to 1910, Scottish author and journalist AndrewLang collected more than four hundred fairy tales from sources throughoutthe world. Organized into twelve volumes, he distinguished each by the color of the book cover. Thebooks were immensely popular and helped change the public notion that fairy taleswere unsuitable for young readers.Included in this audiobook is &quote;How to Tell a True Princess&quote; from The Yellow Fairy Book. Originally written by Hans Christian Anderson under the title &quote;The Princess and the Pea,&quote; this is the story of a prince and his quest to find a true princess.Proceeds from sale of this title go to Reach Out and Read, an innovative literacy advocacy organization.

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