Приключения щенка Рекса

Алёна Олеговна Пашковская
Приключения щенка Рекса

Chapter 1 Our


Hello, my name is Rex. I am a puppy. I live in a big house with my family. I have got a mother, a father, a sister and a brother.

My mother’s name is Matilda, she is a very beautiful dog. She is а famous singer. My father’s name is Arnold, he is very strong, and he is a border guard.

I am the oldest brother and I am nine months old. My sister’s name is Betsy, she is six months old. My little brother is one month old. His name is Timmy.

We are German Shepherds. I have got black fur, but my paws are dark yellow. My sister Betsy is black too, but she has got a yellow face. My little brother Timmy has got yellow ears and black fur.

Betsy and I are pupils, we go to school. I am in the third grade, and Betsy is in the first grade. Timmy doesn’t go to school because he is too small.

My favorite food is meat. My sister likes to eat ice-cream. My little brother’s favorite food is candy toffee.

I like sports a lot. I want to be big and strong like my father. My sister likes to dance, she can dance very well. Our little brother Timmy is too lazy. He doesn’t like any sport. He likes to sleep and eat a lot of candy.

I love our family!

New words

Puppy [ˈpʌpɪ] – щенок

Beautiful[ˈbjuːtəfʊl] – красивый

Famous [ˈfeɪməs] –знаменитый

Singer[ˈsɪŋə] – певец (певица)

Border guard [ˈbɔːdə gɑːd] – пограничник

Older brother [ˈəʊldər ˈbrʌðər] – старший брат

German Shepherd [ˈʤɜːmən ˈʃepəd] – немецкая овчарка

Fur [fɜː] – мех

Paw [pɔː] – лапа

Dark[dɑːk] – темный

Candy toffee[ˈkændɪˈtɔfɪ] – конфеты ириски

Lazy [ˈleɪzɪ] –ленивый


Answer the questions

Who is Rex?

What is Rex’s sister’s name?

What colour is Timmy’s fur?

Who is Matilda?

What sport does Betsy like?

True or false?

Matilda is a doctor.

Rex’s family live in a small house.

The dogs are German Shepherds.

Rex’s sister’s name is Betsy.

Rex’s favorite food is ice-cream.

Complete the sentences (am, is, are)

I ___ a puppy.

My mother’s name ___ Matilda.

We ___German Shepherds.

My sister Betsy ___ black.

I ___the oldest brother.

Chapter 2Toothache

It is Friday evening now. Betsy, Timmy and I are at home. We are waiting for our Mommy and Daddy. We are playing. Our parents come home from work. Mommy brings a lot of candy. She goes to the kitchen and opens a cupboard. She takes a big glass vase and puts all the candy in this vase. Then Mother cooks supper. She cooks tasty bones with meat.

“Children, it is time to eat supper,” our Mom says. We go to the kitchen to eat supper. Bones with meat are very tasty. I like them very much.

“O thank you, Mom! ”I say. ” Bones with meat are very tasty”.

“Thank you, Mommy, the supper is yummy” Betsy says. But Timmy doesn’t say “thank you” to our Mommy. He is not polite.

“Be polite, Timmy!” says our father. “Say ‘Thank you’ to your Mother!”

“Thank you, Mommy,” says Timmy.

After supper Mom opens the cupboard. She takes a big glass vase. She takes candies and gives them to us. Three candies to me, three candies to Betsy and three candies to Timmy.

“Don’t eat more than three candies a day,” Mommy says. “It is bad for your teeth!” Then Mommy puts the big glass vase with candy back to the cupboard.

Now it is time to sleep. We go to our bedrooms.

“Goodnight, children,” says Mom.

“Goodnight, puppies,” says Dad.

“Goodnight, Mommy and Daddy,” we say.

It is night now. Mother and Father are sleeping. I am sleeping. Betsy is sleeping, but Timmy is not sleeping. He goes to the kitchen. He opens the cupboard. He takes the big glass vase with candy. He eats all the candy! Then he goes to sleep.

It is Saturday morning now.

“Wake up, puppies,” Mother says.

“Get up, children,” Father says. “It is time for morning exercises!”

“Good morning, Mother and Father,” I say and get up.

“Good morning, parents,” says Betsy and gets up.

But Timmy can’t get up. He has got a toothache.

“Mommy, I can’t get up,” Timmy says “I have got a toothache!”

“Why do you have a toothache?” Mother asks. “I think I know why.” Mother goes to the kitchen. She opens the cupboard. She takes thebig glass vase. But she doesn’t see any candy. The big glass vase is empty!

“Where are all candy, Timmy?” Mother asks.

“They are in my stomach,” Timmy cries.

“That is why you have got a toothache” Mother says. “You should go to the dentist!”

Father, Betsy and I do morning exercises, eat breakfast and go to the Сircus. Timmy and Mother go to the dentist.

New words

Bring[brɪŋ] – приносить

Glass[glɑːs] – стекло, стеклянный

Bone[bəʊn] – кость

Polite[pəˈlaɪt] – вежливый

Morning exercises[ˈmɔːnɪŋ ˈeksəsaɪz] – утренняя зарядка

Toothache[ˈtuːθeɪk] – зубная боль

Empty[ˈemptɪ] – пустой

Stomach[ˈstʌmək] – желудок

Circus[ˈsɜːkəs] – цирк


Answer the questions

1. What does Mother put in the big glass vase?

2. What does Mom cook for the supper?

3. Is the supper tasty?

4. Who is not polite?

5. Why does Timmy have a toothache?

True or false?

1. The Mother brings a lot of apples.

2. Betsy is not polite.

3. Rex has got a toothache.

4. The candy is in Timmy’s stomach.

5. Timmy and the Mother go to the dentist.

Guess the riddles

1.It is very tasty for puppies, they can eat it a lot. It is good for dog’s teeth.

2. It is very sweet and yummy, but it bad for your teeth.