Тесты для самопроверки по учебному пособию «Upstream Advanced C1». Методические указания по курсу «Практикум по культуре речевого общения (английский язык)»

Александра Александровна Егурнова
Тесты для самопроверки по учебному пособию «Upstream Advanced C1». Методические указания по курсу «Практикум по культуре речевого общения (английский язык)»

© Александра Александровна Егурнова, 2017

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UNIT 1. Something to shout about!

Task 1. Choose the most suitable word to fill each space. (40 marks)

1. The company’s …… was to increase productivity by employing more people.

A decision

B objective

C resolution

D desire

2. When I studied, we had no such subject as Business ……

A Morals

B Values

C Rights

D Ethics

3. After many deaths, the survivors longed for some medical ……..

A breakthrough

B revolution

C novelty

D innovation

4. For the …… of finding an affluent husband, hiring a matchmaker is a wise move.

A aim

B purpose

C object

D intention

5. If you didn’t get the job on the grounds of your social ……, you can resort to legal action.

A past

B history

C background

D being

6. Alice couldn’t project a (n) …… image during the casting.

A upbeat

B optimistic

C positive

D cheerful

7. Mark can play computer games on ….. that he does all the work about the house.

A condition

B term

C rule

D decree

8. People used different things to tell the time as far …… as the 9th century BC.

A behind

B back

C beyond

D before

9. Going to the pictures is a popular pastime among the …… and the old alike.

A youth

B teenagers

C adolescents

D young

10. Peter couldn’t agree that Greg was really a valuable …… to their football team.

A addition

B accumulation

C supplement

D appendage

11. Jill had the necessary competitive …… in order to be first past the post.

A mind

B soul

C spirit

D thought

12. If the restaurant is not situated …… beside the river, I won’t go there.

A exact

B direct

C precise

D right

13. Filing was a tedious task that …… almost 50% of Linda’s time at work.

A covered

B occupied

C received

D completed

14. He thinks he’s fat just because there’s a wide …… of fast food to choose from.

A degree

B variance

C scale

D range

15. ….. relatives usually don’t visit us at all.

A Faraway

B Remote

C Distant

D Slight

16. That pop star is known for his toughness and …… in treating his assistants.

A ruthlessness

B cruelty

C kindness

D manipulation

17. Claire was lucky to …… such a wonderful career opportunity.

A clutch

B follow

C pull

D seize

18. Kate never cooks, she …… her boyfriend to do it for her.

A makes

B gets

C lets

D puts

19. If the boss is not able to attend a meeting, he uses his right to …….

A allot

B entrust

C assign

D delegate

20. Henry likes his old cell phone and really thinks it’s in excellent …….

A state

B condition

C form

D shape

Task 2. Complete sentences with words formed from the words in capitals. (20 marks)

1. Brenda’s friends always treat each other with …… and respect. CIVIL

2. Fast food is thought to be …… to health. DETRIMENT

3. Harry’s parents were very upset as he showed no …… to study. DETERMINE

4. I’m happy Liam had the …… to bring the presentation for the meeting; otherwise our boss would have been furious. SIGHT

5. Lucy was the youngest daughter of a very …… Australian family. PROSPER

6. Nile is living happily in ……, with his pension. RETIRE

7. Paul was determined to become a designer and his …… paid off. PERSIST

8. Rose was too busy at work and missed Jill’s ……. WARM

9. The audience didn’t like the scenario and was also very …… by the actors’ play. IMPRESS

10. The epidemic of cholera was spreading at an …… rate. ALARM

Task 3. Underline the correct word. (20 marks)

1. Diners’ praise greatly boosted/pushed/shaped/fostered chef’s confidence.

2. Fred was thinking of preparing for the exam, but on stronger/second/better/deeper thoughts, he decided to go to the party.

3. Henry’s face was glistening/glaring/beaming/flashing when he heard Mary’s «I do’.

4. His clever son was a fluff/nest/feather/badge in his cap.

5. I can’t understand why Bob constantly rubs Fiona up the wrong side/way/end/time.

6. I want to follow Columbus’s travel/voyage/trip/crossing to the West Indies.

7. I’m so irritated as Jill takes/robs/grabs/steals the show at every party.

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