Idioms and Proverbs on Personal Issues. Учебное пособие

Александра Александровна Егурнова
Idioms and Proverbs on Personal Issues. Учебное пособие

© Александра Александровна Егурнова, 2017

ISBN 978-5-4483-8211-6

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The textbook is intended for students of higher educational institutions.

It contains varied exercises (gap filling, error correction, translation, speaking and writing full-answer activities, etc.), which are intended for the development of socio-lingual competence and improvement of an ability to make an indirect translation of idiomatic expressions and proverbs in English texts.

The material used in exercises is taken from the authentic books and grouped into twelve sections on personal issues, which are sure to help students overcome translation problems in different communicative situations as well as to boost their professional growth by developing critical and creative thinking, original opinions, abilities to analyze, compare and abstract.

The Key section gives students the opportunity to self-check.


Предлагаемое учебное пособие предназначено для студентов ВУЗов всех форм обучения.

Книга содержит разнообразные упражнения (заполнение пропусков, исправление ошибок, перевод, устные и письменные задания с развернутым ответом и др.), которые направлены на формирование социолингвистической компетенции и закрепляют практические навыки опосредованного перевода выражений и текстов, содержащих идиоматические обороты и паремии английского языка.

Материал для упражнений подобран из аутентичных книг и сгруппирован по 12 разделам личной тематики, которые призваны помочь обучаемым в различных коммуникативных ситуациях избежать трудностей перевода, а также способствуют их профессиональному росту, развивая критическое и творческое мышление, самостоятельность суждений, способность анализировать, сравнивать и обобщать.

В пособии имеется раздел «Ключ» (Key), который предоставляет возможность самопроверки.


Guess Russian equivalents of the idioms by the pictures given

Other useful idioms and their explanation

To be full of the joys of spring – to be glowing and cheerful, full of optimism and energy

To do smth (just) for kicks – to do smth because it is exciting, often dangerous

To get a (real) kick out of smth – to enjoy doing smth very much

Smth blows one’s mind – smth makes a person very excited

Smth is a dream come true – smth desired, but not likely to be realized, has actually happened

Smth is music to one’s ears – smth that makes a person feel better, happy

Smth makes one’s day – smth makes a person feel very happy


He is happy that thinks himself so – счастлив тот, кто себя счастливым считает.

He is happy who finds peace in his home – зачем и клад, коли в семье лад.

Every man has his delight – у всякого барона своя фантазия.

Every man is the architect of his own fortune – всяк своему счастью кузнец.

The fewer the better cheer – меньше народу – больше кислороду.


1.1 Combine the words from the box below to make six idioms. Use each word once only.

1.2 Which idioms do the given pictures make you think of?

1.3 Complete each idiom in the following sentences.

1. Have you heard the news about Tom and Jill? They have won $1,000,000 on the lottery. They are ………….. moon.

2. Sally’s at the greengrocer’s now buying exotic fruit. Finally her diet is over, and she’s thrilled …………. As she can eat almost anything she wants.

3. Ted is ………… king because he’s finally got his driving license.

4. Yesterday John proposed to Helen, and, though she said she’d think it over, I’m sure she was in ………….

5. Don’t try to talk Claire into studying German abroad with you. Every man ………….. fortune.

6. The news about Helen’s miraculous recovery was ………… ears of her family.

7. Tim tried many times to get into that culinary TV show, and, when he did, he was ……………. world.

8. Nancy lost her first child and miscarried a second one. That’s why she was ………….. nine after giving birth to her third baby.

9. William is so weird; he never eats his lunch without licking his index fingers first. Really, ………….. delight.

1.4 Replace the underlined part of each sentence with an idiom.

1. Our teacher loves asking very difficult questions to fail his least favorite pupils. If he gives two or more bad marks during the lesson, it makes him feel very happy.

2. Joanna was very excited when her family came from Mexico to see her new place in Australia.

3. Michael enjoyed very much tackling tasks in Maths.

4. I wanted to visit France so much that, when I was selected as an exchange student from our school, I couldn’t believe it had actually happened.

5. My dream of having my own big house has finally come true. There’s no one in the world who could be happier than me. I’m in seventh heaven.

6. Jumping from an aircraft by parachute, climbing mountains without any safety equipment are just a few activities Frank does for fun.

7. At the training, I’ve learnt to value myself and my family. Now my motto is «Believe you’re happy and you’ll be happy

1.5 Match the beginning of each sentence with its ending.

1.6 Correct the mistakes in these idioms and proverbs.

1. Fred doesn’t earn much money. But every morning he greets the sun so enthusiastically. It’s really true that he is happy who thinks himself such.

2. Anna gets a real kick in songwriting.

3. There’s so much love in Kate’s eyes when she looks at her husband and children. I’d say she is happy who finds peace in her home.

4. Her holidays in India were unforgettable. She was on seventh cloud then.

5. Henry is so clever and hardworking. By 31 he’s already become a president of the company. Each man is the architect of his own fortune, indeed.

6. If my parents let me go to the party tonight, it’ll really do my day.

1.7 Give appropriate and full answers to the following questions.

1. Are you a person who gets a kick out of studying or doing sports?

2. Do you believe he is happy that thinks himself so? Why?

3. Were your parents on cloud nine when you were born, in your opinion?

4. Will it make your day if you help a passer-by? Why?

5. Is it possible for you to be floating on air because of winning some competition or contest?

6. Have you ever done anything just for kicks? What?

7. What news can be music to your ears?

8. Why do people usually jump for joy?

9. Every man is the architect of his own fortune, isn’t he?

10. Would you be over the moon if you got top marks in all your examinations?

1.8 Fill in the gaps with the information about you and your environment.

1. I’m sure that every man has his delight because …………

2. My sister/brother/cousin is often in seventh heaven when..

3. It’s a dream come true if ………………………………………

4. The state of being as happy as a king is (not) …………………

5. What really blows ……………… mind is …………………

6. To my mind, he is happy who finds peace in his home as ….

7. It is my ………………… who feels on top of the world …………

1.9 Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Я прыгал от радости, когда получил долгожданное письмо от тебя.

2. Утренняя пробежка и холодный душ заряжают меня энергией.

3. Каждый раз, когда я прихожу к бабушке, я вижу, как ее глаза лучатся от счастья.

4. Очевидно, он сдал выпускные экзамены, поэтому он в полном восторге.

5. Я не нахожу удовольствия в работе по дому.

6. Если я не успел сделать домашнее задание, то день прошел зря.

7. Когда правительство оплатило расходы по ремонту школы, директор от радости ног под собой не чуял.

8. Я не люблю столпотворения в общественных местах. Меньше народу – больше кислороду.

9. Если бы ты мне писала чаще, я был на седьмом небе от счастья.

10. Новость об отмене контрольной работы – словно бальзам на душу.

11. В прошлом году, ради острых ощущений, я прыгал с тарзанки.

12. Я был бы доволен как слон, если мне подарили компьютер последней модели.

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