Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 4

Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 4 – Leah Bobet

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The first three volumes of The Best Horror of the Year havebeen widely praised for their quality, variety, and comprehensiveness. EditorEllen Datlow has now explored the entirety of the diverse horror market,distilling it into the fourth anthology in the series and providing an overviewof the year in terror.Fear is the oldest human emotion, the most primal. We liketo think we're civilized. We tell ourselves we're not afraid. And every year,we skim our fingers across nightmares, desperately pitting our courage againstshivering dread.In one story, a paraplegic millionaire hires a priest to exorcise hispain; in another, a failing marriage is put to the ultimate test. In other stories hunters become the huntedas a small group of men ventures deep into a forest; a psychic struggles forher life on national television; a soldier strikes a grisly bargain with hissister's killer; ravens answer a child's wish for magic; two mercenaries accepta strangely simplistic assignment; and a desperate woman in an occupied land makesa terrible choice.What scares you? Horror wears new faces in thesecarefully selected stories. The details may change, but the fear remains. Withtales from Laird Barron, Stephen King, John Langan, Peter Straub, and manyothers, The Best Horror of the Year,Volume Four provides the petrifying horror fans of the genre have come toexpect-and enjoy.

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